Advisor Issues

Information Overload

There is no direct connection between being busy and being successful.

Are you overwhelmed by too many markets, too many products, too many meetings, too many courses, or too many designations?

If so, you’re dealing with “information overload” – a complete career killer that can lead to a lack of confidence, the inability to make a move, and the over-reliance on others to help.

Wrong Client Profile

Seeing more people more of the time causes burnout. You need to see the right people at the right time!

Are you so desperate to get moving that you’ll meet with anybody and everybody, causing endless research and countless disappointments?

If so, you need to define a specific client profile where you have competence and confidence so you can be efficient with your time and achieve consistent sales results.

Poor Marketing Skills

Marketing is the key to success as a financial advisor – and until you master it, nothing else matters.

There are prospects everywhere, yet many advisors have nobody to see. Why? Because they don’t know how to find them!

Instead they panic, looking anywhere and everywhere for leads – joining service clubs, being visible in the community, buying ad space, purchasing lists, conducting seminars, and so on. But none of these deliver consistent sales results.

It’s time to get away from poor marketing habits and find a solution that works.

Low Sales Activity

It’s hard to enjoy the business when you have low sales activity. So how can you generate more?

Young advisors often leave the business because of low sales activity. And experienced advisors can become immobilized by it – not closing enough deals and being forced to survive with an inadequate income.

It’s hard to be up-beat, positive, and outgoing if you have to wait far too long between sales.

Thankfully, it’s not an impossible obstacle to overcome.

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