The Pivot Point

October 24th, 2016 • By: CottonSystems Video

Are you focused on clients or customers?

The name of the game in this business is to find the right new prospective clients you want to invite into your clientele.

Some financial professionals call everyone in their client files a “client” when that is simply not true. Many are not clients at all. Some aren’t even customers, yet may be counted as clients.

Don’t kid yourself. There’s a big difference between customers and clients.

You need to be highly selective so you don’t waste your valuable time, effort and energy into the wrong people. That’s just a time killer and it prevents you from being the successful person you have the ability to be.

Your time is far more valuable if you filter people first and then focus on the right client situations.

That selection step happens when you meet someone for the first time, before you start going down a path in a situation that may not be right for you.

In this video, I’ll address the three options at the “Pivot Point”.

Meet Wayne Cotton, CLU

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