Core Concepts

Precision Marketing

If you want to experience significant growth in your financial services practice, you need to simplify everything you do in your business… starting with your marketing efforts.

The problem with trying to attract “everyone” is that you need to be prepared to deal with everyone’s needs – meaning you need to study every product and profile out there.

It adds up to a lot of work and inconsistent results.

Precision marketing, on the other hand, is a strategic approach where you define your ideal client profile and then focus your energy solely on finding prospects where you are competent and confident… and generate consistent results.

As soon as you start searching for the right prospects – and ignore everybody else – things get better fast.

The Trust Bridge

A personal recommendation can build a powerful trust bridge from one client to the next.

Too many people have exploited too many relationships that the word “referral” has become a dirty word to most consumers.

Don’t use it.

Instead, follow a professional approach for attracting personal recommendations.

Always deliver value to a client before seeking a recommendation, be specific in the type of recommendations you’re looking for, and make sure you have a personalized letter of introduction before you ever approach a new prospect.

If you follow this proven process correctly, you’ll experience the easiest and most profitable form of client acquisition.

Problems & Procedures

“If you’ve got a problem, make it a procedure and it won’t be a problem anymore.” -Ben Feldman

Most financial advisors lives are filled with problem areas. Your schedule may be empty, or it might be too full; your might be spending too much time on research, or you might need to research more; or maybe your closing rates simply aren’t high enough.

When it comes to managing your business as a financial advisor, it’s vital to streamline your activities for efficient and effective outcomes.

The best way to do this is to turn your problems into step-by-step procedures.

Creating easy-to-follow procedures will not only save you time and energy, but it will also reduce your stress load and help you achieve higher levels of profitable activity.

Get the Rhythm

Many advisors don’t realize they have too little activity until they run out of money – and by then it’s too late.

Most financial advisors struggle to develop consistent sales activity. They struggle because they don’t know what they need to generate the results they desire.

They don’t focus on the right activities at the right times and they have a tough time controlling their pace for acquiring new clients.

Sometimes they have more prospects than they can handle. Other times they just can’t find enough.

Unless you are able to get the rhythm of your business going right, you will always be stopping and starting sales activity without ever developing a sequence or flow.

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