Reverse Engineer your Success

By CottonSystems • October 15th, 2023

What if you could reverse engineer your success and accomplish far more with what you learned?

Here’s the Challenge:

We are usually so busy looking forward to the future that we fail to check the rear view mirror.

What if you could look backwards and with what you learn, take a quantum leap forwards?

It’s called Reverse Engineering

When you identify where you have had your greatest successes and how you got there, you’ll quickly see that if you could simply replicate your best work, things would be different.

By doing what works and becoming more masterful at it, you could accomplish far more and do it in a lot less time.

Reverse engineering is another great strategy that leads directly to higher levels of precision growth.

You pick up some critical information about your past successes and then simply continue to do what you did in the past that compounded your current growth.

I’ll explain in more detail in this short video.


This Strategy is not Rocket Science! It’s Cotton Science!

Simply replicate your best work. When you practice the Precision Marketing Approach, you can generate a consistent flow of the right new clients that make all the difference in your results.

You’ll have a boring business and an exciting life, not the other way around.

So many advisors are running off in all directions or they are practicing attraction marketing where they have no control over who they see.

They may ‘think’ they have an “exciting” business because they have lots of stuff going on.

But they also have a “boring life” because their heads are so wrapped up in their business activities that there is little juice left for the rest of their lives.

Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to accomplish far more and to do it with less time, mental energy and money?

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